Western Christian Holidays, 2010-2030

Here are the dates of the most important (moving) Christian holidays through 2030. Many holidays move in the calendar year based off of the date of Easter, which is tied to the lunarJewish calendarinstead of the solar Gregorian calendar. The Eastern Orthodox church calculates some holidays different from other Christian denominations; the dates for those are given their own page.

YearLent (Ash Wednesday)EasterPentecostStart of Advent
2010Feb. 17April 4May 23Nov. 28
2011March 9April 24June 12Nov. 27
2012Feb. 22April 8May 27Dec. 2
2013Feb. 13March 31May 19Dec. 1
2014March 5April 20June 8Nov. 30
2015Feb. 18April 5May 24Nov. 29
2016Feb. 9March 27May 15Nov. 27
2017March 1April 16June 4Dec. 3
2018Feb. 14April 1May 20Dec. 2
2019March 6April 21June 9Dec. 1
2020Feb. 26April 12May 31Nov. 29
2021Feb. 17April 4May 23Nov. 28
2022March 2April 17June 5Nov. 27
2023Feb. 22April 9May 28Dec. 3
2024Feb. 12March 31May 19Dec. 1
2025March 5April 20June 8Nov. 30
2026Feb. 18April 5May 24Nov. 29
2027Feb. 10March 28May 16Nov. 28
2028March 1April 16June 4Dec. 3
2029Feb. 14April 1May 20Dec. 2
2030March 6April 21June 9Nov. 30
Shrove Tuesday: 1 day before Ash Wednesday.
Palm Sunday: 7 days before Easter.
Maundy Thursday: 3 days before Easter.
Good Friday: 2 days before Easter.
Holy Saturday: 1 day before Easter.
Ascension Day: 10 days before Pentecost.
Trinity Sunday: 7 days after Pentecost.
Corpus Christi: 11 days after Pentecost.
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