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The world is a very busy place, and it's hard to stay on top of everything. Infoplease has got you covered. Here are the US news events you need to know so far for September 2021:

  1. Coronavirus Updates (5)
  2. Deadly Tragedies Strike Multiple US States
  3. Coronavirus Updates (4)
  4. Migrants Stranded Under Texas Bridge
  5. California Recall Results
  6. FBI Investigated for Larry Nassar Case
  7. Coronavirus Updates (3)
  8. More Controversial Texas Laws Passed
  9. Violence Ripples Across the US
  10. Coronavirus Updates (2)
  11. Controversial Texas Abortion Ban
  12. Coronavirus Updates

Coronavirus Updates (5)

Louisiana Covid

Photo Source: AP Photo/Melinda Deslatte

On Monday, September 27, Pfizer?s CEO announced that the company will be ready to seek approval for the vaccine for children in just a few days. The new approval will be for children between the ages of 5 and 12 as data continues to come in.[1] On Tuesday, September 28, hundreds of New York healthcare workers were suspended after refusing to get the Covid vaccine. The employees risk losing their jobs as the vaccine mandate went into effect. Nearly 90% of healthcare workers in New York have at least one dose of the Covid vaccine.[2] On Tuesday, September 28, the governor race in Virginia heated up as two candidates discussed their views on vaccines. As of now, the race doesn?t have clear results.[3] On Wednesday, September 29, United Airlines announced it will officially fire those who do not get the vaccine. Over 600 employees risk termination as United has some of the strictest vaccine mandates among airlines. To keep their jobs, employees must have documentation of two jabs by Monday.[4] On Wednesday, September 29, California?s second-largest school district unanimously voted to pass a vaccine mandate. Come December, all eligible employees and students must be vaccinated against Covid-19. Eligible students who do not get vaccinated will be unable to attend in-person classes, instead being enrolled in an independent study course.[5] On Thursday, September 30, YouTube announced that it will remove content that spreads misinformation about all approved vaccines. This expands the ban that was originally in place for the Covid-19 vaccine. Now, all content that claims vaccines cause autism, infertility, or cancer will be removed from the platform. At least 130,000 videos have been removed in the last year.[6] On Thursday, September 30, Louisiana Public Schools announced that parents can choose whether or not to quarantine their students after a positive Covid-19 exposure. Schools will proceed to tell parents when their children are exposed, but the next steps are up to the parents? discretion. Students who test positive, however, are still advised to isolate until they are no longer infectious.[7]
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Deadly Tragedies Strike Multiple US States

US Tragedies

Photo Source: AP Photo/Ted Shaffrey

On Sunday, September 19, a bus crash in central Pennsylvania left 6 people in critical condition and another 24 wounded. The bus was going off an exit ramp when the driver lost control and crashed into the guide rail. The bus was found in a thicket of trees.[1] That same day, three people were shot at a baby shower part in Pennsylvania. The shooting was allegedly due to an argument regarding the gifts. Specific injuries and more details are unknown at this time.[2] On Sunday, September 19, a military plane crashed in Lake Worth, Texas, injuring two people in the residential area. The pilot and a student were ejected from the flight and taken to the hospital. Little information is known at this time.[3]
Source: [1]CNN [2]CNN [3]CNN

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Coronavirus Updates (4)

NYC Schools

Photo Source: NDZ/STAR MAX/IPx 2021 9/15/21

On Sunday, September 19, Mississippi Governor Reeves defended his actions during the pandemic, despite having the most deaths per capita in the country. Reeves has recently criticized President Biden?s vaccine and mask mandates, refusing to put any in effect for Mississippi.[1] On Monday, September 20, it was reported that Montana was under great strain due to the Delta Variant. Many hospitals around the country have spoken about how people may not be receiving the care they need due to lack of ICU beds. Dr. Fauci has stated that an overwhelming number of adults will need to be vaccinated before we see an end to the pandemic.[2] On Tuesday, September 21, hundreds of employees were suspended from a North Carolina-based healthcare provider due to the new vaccine mandate. The employees have been given five days to comply with the vaccine policy or they will lose their jobs. The majority of the employees, however, have been compliant with the policy.[3] On Friday, September 24, it was reported that thousands of New York City school teachers may not be able to teach in the classroom come Tuesday due to the new vaccine mandate. Unions are currently working on a solution, but as of now, employees can either get vaccinated, choose a year of unpaid leave, or take a severance package and risk losing their jobs.[4] The next day, a federal court issued a temporary injunction, temporarily blocking enforcement for the NYC educator vaccine mandate. Unless reviewed before Tuesday, the mandate most likely won?t go into effect on the original deadline date.[5]
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California Recall Results

Del Rio Bridge

Photo Source: AP Photo/Eric Gay

On Friday, September 18, tens of thousands of migrants were stranded under a bridge in the Texas border town of Del Rio. Nearly 14,000 undocumented migrants are being held for processing. A makeshift camp has been made under the Del Rio bridge. A large number of the migrants are Haitian as the country is still reeling from an earthquake that happened last month. An order when the pandemic began allowed border agents to turn away adult migrants; however, a new ruling has stated that this order doesn?t apply to migrants traveling with children. Border agents are asking President Biden for more support as it could take weeks to process the growing number of migrants. It is believed that most of the migrants will be turned away.
Source: CNN

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California Recall Results

Newsom Recall

Photo Source: AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli

On Wednesday, September 15, Governor Newsom prevailed, winning the recall election. He will be able to finish out the second half of his first term. Recall efforts first made way after Newsom was photographed in a restaurant, unmasked, while the rest of the state was under a strict lockdown. Newsom was up against many candidates during this recall, most notably Caitlyn Jenner. However, by winning, it appears that California is happy with the overall handling of Covid by Governor Newsom.
Source: CNN

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FBI Investigated for Larry Nassar Case

Nassar Trial

Photo Source: Saul Loeb/Pool via AP

On Wednesday, September 15, Simone Biles testified against the FBI?s handling of the Nassar case alongside teammates Aly Raisman and McKayla Maroney. Larry Nassar, the former team coach for the US Olympic Gymnastics team, was convicted of sexual abuse and sentenced to life in prison last year. The girls have stated that the FBI?s mishandling of the case and allegations allowed the abuse to continue, causing them to suffer.[1] Maroney went as far to say that the FBI made false claims about what she said in an attempt to recover after the botched investigation made it to the news. The FBI allegedly knew of allegations and let Nassar walk free for another year, potentially allowing for more victims.[2] On Friday, September 18, there were calls for Attorney General Merrick Garland to resign amid the allegations of the FBI mishandling the case.The Justice Department, which didn?t attend the Judiciary Committee hearing, has said it is reviewing the recommendations.[3]
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Coronavirus Updates (3)

US Covid

Photo Source: AP Photo/Timothy D. Easley, Pool

On Monday, September 13, hospitals in Kentucky expressed their concern about the government-led assistance programs leaving on Friday. The number of Covid cases continues to grow in the area, yet the assistance is still scheduled to leave. Some hospitals are as much as 130% over capacity in ICU units. Kentucky Governor Beshear plans to deploy 400 National Guard members to the overrun hospitals around the state. Hospitals are working hard to not turn anyone away.[1] On Monday, September 13, New York City began enforcing its vaccine passport program. People over the age of 12 have to have at least one dose of Covid-19 to enjoy indoor dining, fitness, and entertainment. Businesses are required to check for the vaccination status or they risk a fine. In another attempt to increase vaccination rates, the city has been offering $100 debit cards to anyone who gets at least one dose.[2] That same day, New York City?s public schools, the largest district in the nation, opened its doors to in-person learning. The district is not offering a remote option for students this year, making this the first time students have gone to school in over a year.[3] On Wednesday, September 15, officials voiced their fears about the unvaccinated as schools across the country continue to open. The Delta Variant has already caused many outbreaks amongst children. There has been a 240% increase in adolescent Covid cases since July. Officials found that over half the outbreaks in youth are from schools. It is still recommended that schools require masks for all and vaccinations for staff.[4] On Friday, September 17, the FDA officially recommended booster doses of the Covid-19 vaccine for those 65 and older and who are high risk. However, it refused to recommend the booster dose for all people 16 and older due to information suggesting that a large vaccine rollout isn?t necessary at the moment. Booster shots should be available starting September 20.[5] On Friday, September 17, a health order was issued in Los Angeles County, requiring all people to be vaccinated in order to enter indoor bars, nightclubs, wineries, breweries, and lounges. LA County is the largest county in the US, and scientists hope this move will help slow the pandemic.[6]
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More Controversial Texas Laws Passed

Greg Abbott

Photo Source: AP Photo/LM Otero

On Tuesday, September 7, Governor Abbott signed a controversial voting bill into law. The new bill prevents 24-hour and drive-thru voting, as well as imposes new restrictions on mail-in ballots. The new law also allows bipartisan poll watchers. Florida and Georgia have also enacted similar laws following former President Trump?s claims that the election was rigged. Democrats fled the capitol in an attempt to prevent the bill?s passage, but Abbott called two special sessions in order to get the bill passed.[1] On Friday, September 10, Texas passed a new bill preventing ?deplatforming? on social media. Republicans passed the new law after claims that conservative views are being silenced on social media. Social media now is not allowed to ?ban people based on their political views.? The law is expected to be enacted in December, but is also expected to face legal oppositions leading up to that.[2]
Source: [1]CNN [2]BBC

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Violence Ripples Across the US

Gun Violence

Photo Source: Samuel Corum/Pool via AP

On Sunday, September 5, it was reported that there were 46 people injured and 3 more killed due to gun violence in Chicago over the weekend. Shootings in Chicago have risen 65% in the last year, a trend many cities are seeing.[1] On Sunday, September 5, a South Carolina attorney was shot in the head only a few months after his wife and son were found dead. The two murders and new shooting are still a mystery, with little information surrounding them.[2] On Sunday, September 5, a former marine broke into two homes, shooting and killing four people. The suspect was wearing body armor and barricaded himself in one of the homes, engaging in a shootout with police officers before eventually surrendering. He allegedly told his girlfriend he was seeing visions of God before he went on the shooting spree. Officials, however, have yet to find a connection between the suspect and the victims.[3] On Friday, September 10, two middle school students in Florida were arrested in an alleged school shooting plot. A teacher allegedly shared a tip that one of the students had a gun in his backpack. A search did not yield any weapons; however, officers did state the two students had suddenly developed an interest in the Columbine shooting. Investigations are ongoing.[4]
Source: [1]CNN [2]CNN [3]CNN [4]CNN

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Coronavirus Updates (2)

United Airlines

Photo Source: AP Photo/David Zalubowski

On Sunday, September 5, Dr. Fauci announced that the rollout of a booster shot of Moderna may be delayed. The plan was to rollout the booster the week of September 20, but that no longer appears likely. Pfizer, on the other hand, has submitted information to the FDA and things ?look good? regarding the approval of a Pfizer booster. There are still many steps needed in the process, however.[1] On Monday, September 6, unemployment benefits ended for many people who had relied on them during the pandemic. Lawmakers had been extending the deadline for months, but are not planning to extend it again.[2] On Tuesday, September 8, it was reported that at least 13 employees in the Miami-Dade district of Florida have died of Covid since mid-August. Among those who died were four teachers, one security guard, one cafeteria worker, and seven bus drivers. Miami-Dade is one of the districts that defied DeSantis? ban of mask mandates, requiring masks in district buildings since August.[3] On Friday, September 10, despite the numbers in Florida, an appeals court ruled in favor of Governor DeSantis. The new ruling allows the banning of mask mandates in schools to go back in effect. A civil rights group is now looking into the ban as a human rights issue, claiming that it doesn?t allow schools and districts to meet the needs of students with special needs and disabilities. Groups in multiple states with bans on mask mandates are now investigating this legal angle.[4] On Friday, September 10, President Biden released new guidelines that require employees of large businesses to either be vaccinated or face weekly testing. The new guidelines apply to federal employees, with more than 100 million people now affected. President Biden has also urged the Department of Labor to have businesses with more than 100 employees require vaccination, as well.[5] That same day, United Airlines announced that employees refusing to get the vaccine due to religious beliefs will be placed on unpaid leave. United has one of the strictest vaccine mandates, though the company is allowing some medical and religious accommodations regarding the vaccine.[6]
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Controversial Texas Abortion Ban

Texas Abortion Ban

Photo Source: AP Photo/LM Otero

On Wednesday, September 1, Texas passed a controversial abortion ban (the Heartbeat Act), banning abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected, even in the cases of rape and incest. Heartbeats are usually detected at around 6 weeks of pregnancy, which many times is before women know they are pregnant. The law also imposes a $10,000 penalty for those who do not follow the new ban and gives individuals the right to sue doctors who perform abortions past this point. In a 5-4 vote, the Supreme Court voted to allow this law after many had hoped it would vote to block it.[1] President Biden has condemned that law, stating that it is an attack on women?s rights. On Thursday, September 2, President Biden launched a ?whole of government? response to oppose the new law. President Biden has said that the failure of the Supreme Court to block the law has created ?constitutional chaos.? [2] On Friday, September 3, a district judge in Texas temporarily blocked anti-abortion groups from suing Planned Parenthood under the new law. The group, Texas Right to Life, has been issued a temporary restraining order. The group was also told to find a new hosting platform for their site, as GoDaddy announced that it has 24 hours before being dropped due to a breach of terms and services.[3]
Source: [1]BBC [2]BBC [3]CNN

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Coronavirus Updates

Florida Covid

Photo Source: AP Photo/Lynne Sladky

On Wednesday, September 1, the US revealed that it is still examining the policy that allows vaccinated foreigners into the US. The current restrictions have caused some tension between the US and the EU. President Biden has been fairly strict regarding nonessential travel from Europe. The EU is calling for looser restrictions.[1] On Friday, September 3, Florida Governor DeSantis appealed the court ruling that he didn?t have the authority to ban mask mandates in schools. Thirteen school districts across the state have imposed mask mandates without a parent opt-out option, directly defying the original order from DeSantis. Parents have already filed a petition to vacate the law, which the appeal allows a temporary stay.[2] On September 3, the White House unveiled a new plan designed to better respond to future pandemics and biological threats. The beginning of the plan will be funded with $15 billion to start, and consists of five elements. The plan is designed to increase vaccination and awareness, strengthen the public health systems, build a stockpile of resources, and increase accountability.[3]
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