Rulers of Germany and Prussia

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Kings of Prussia
Frederick I216571701?1713
Frederick William I 16881713?1740
Frederick II the Great 17121740?1786
Frederick William II 17441786?1797
Frederick William III 17701797?1840
Frederick William IV 17951840?1861
William I 17971861?18713
Emperors Of Germany
William I 17971871?1888
Frederick III18311888?1888
William II 18591888?19184
Weimar Republic
Friedrich Ebert518711919?1925
Paul von Hindenburg518471925?1934
Third Reich
Adolf Hitler6,718891934?1945
Karl Doenitz618911945?1945
German Federal Republic (West) Chancellors
Konrad Adenauer 18761949?1963
Ludwig Erhard 18971963?1966
Kurt Georg Kiesinger19041966?1969
Willy Brandt19131969?1974
Helmut Schmidt19181974?1982
Helmut Kohl19301982?1990
German Democratic Republic (East)
Wilhelm Pieck518761949?1960
Walter Ulbricht818931960?1973
Willi Stoph919141973?1976
Erich Honecker919121976?1989
Egon Krenz919371989?1989
Manfred Gerlach919281989?1990
Sabine Bergman-Pohl919461990?1990
German Federal Republic Chancellors
Helmut Kohl19301991?1998
Gerhard Schrder19441998?2005
Angela Merkel19542005?
1. Year of end of rule is also that of death, unless otherwise indicated.
2. Was Elector of Brandenburg (1688?1701) as Frederick III.
3. Became Emperor of Germany in 1871.
4. Died 1941.
5. President.
6. Fhrer.
7. Named Chancellor by President von Hindenburg in 1933.
8. Chairman of Council of State. Died 1973.
9. Chairman of Council of State.


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