Roman Catholic Pontiffs

Here is a list of all the popes, from St. Peter to Francis I.

St. PeterBethsaida42?67?
St. LinusTusciac. 6776
St. Anacletus (Cletus)Rome7688
St. ClementRome8897
St. EvaristusGreece97105
St. Alexander IRome105115
St. Sixtus IRome115125
St. TelesphorusGreece125136
St. HyginusGreece136140
St. Pius IAquileia140155
St. AnicetusSyria155166
St. SoterCampania166175
St. EleutheriusEpirus175189
St. Victor IAfrica189199
St. ZephyrinusRome199217
St. Callistus IRome217222
St. Urban IRome222230
St. PontianRome230235
St. AnterusGreece235236
St. FabianRome236250
St. CorneliusRome251253
St. Lucius IRome253254
St. Stephen IRome254257
St. Sixtus IIGreece257258
St. DionysiusUnknown259268
St. Felix IRome269274
St. EutychianLuni275283
St. CaiusDalmatia283296
St. MarcellinusRome296304
St. Marcellus IRome308309
St. EusebiusGreece30913091
St. MeltiadesAfrica311314
St. Sylvester IRome314335
St. MarcusRome336336
St. Julius IRome337352
St. Damasus ISpain366384
St. SiriciusRome384399
St. Anastasius IRome399401
St. Innocent IAlbano401417
St. ZozimusGreece417418
St. Boniface IRome418422
St. Celestine ICampania422432
St. Sixtus IIIRome432440
St. Leo I
(the Great)
St. HilarySardinia461468
St. SimpliciusTivoli468483
St. Felix III (II)2Rome483492
St. Gelasius IAfrica492496
Anastasius IIRome496498
St. SymmachusSardinia498514
St. HormisdasFrosinone514523
St. John ITuscany523526
St. Felix IV (III)Samnium526530
Boniface IIRome530532
John IIRome533535
St. Agapitus IRome535536
St. SilveriusCampania536537
Pelagius IRome556561
John IIIRome561574
Benedict IRome575579
Pelagius IIRome579590
St. Gregory I
(the Great)
Boniface IIIRome607607
St. Boniface IVMarsi608615
St. Deusdedit (Adeodatus I)Rome615618
Boniface VNaples619625
Honorius ICampania625638
John IVDalmatia640642
Theodore IGreece642649
St. Martin ITodi649655
St. Eugene I3Rome654657
St. VitalianSegni657672
Adeodatus IIRome672676
St. AgathoSicily678681
St. Leo IISicily682683
St. Benedict IIRome684685
John VSyria685686
St. Sergius ISyria687701
John VIGreece701705
John VIIGreece705707
St. Gregory IIRome715731
St. Gregory IIISyria731741
St. ZacharyGreece741752
Stephen II (III)4Rome752757
St. Paul IRome757767
Stephen III (IV)Sicily768772
Adrian IRome772795
St. Leo IIIRome795816
Stephen IV (V)Rome816817
St. Paschal IRome817824
Eugene IIRome824827
Gregory IVRome827844
Sergius IIRome844847
St. Leo IVRome847855
Benedict IIIRome855858
St. Nicholas I (the Great)Rome858867
Adrian IIRome867872
John VIIIRome872882
Marinus IGallese882884
St. Adrian IIIRome884885
Stephen V (VI)Rome885891
Boniface VIRome896896
Stephen VI (VII)Rome896897
Theodore IIRome897897
John IXTivoli898900
Benedict IVRome900903
Leo VArdea903903
Sergius IIIRome904911
Anastasius IIIRome911913
John XTossignano914928
Leo VIRome928928
Stephen VII (VIII)Rome928931
John XIRome931935
Leo VIIRome936939
Stephen VIII (IX)Rome939942
Marinus IIRome942946
Agapitus IIRome946955
John XIITusculum955964
Leo VIII5Rome963965
Benedict V5Rome964966
John XIIIRome965972
Benedict VIRome973974
Benedict VIIRome974983
John XIVPavia983984
John XVRome985996
Gregory VSaxony996999
Sylvester IIAuvergne9991003
John XVIIRome10031003
John XVIIIRome10041009
Sergius IVRome10091012
Benedict VIIITusculum10121024
John XIXTusculum10241032
Benedict IX6Tusculum10321044
Sylvester IIIRome10451045
Benedict IX
(2nd time)
Gregory VIRome10451046
Clement IISaxony10461047
Benedict IX
(3rd time)
Damasus IIBavaria10481048
St. Leo IXAlsace10491054
Victor IIGermany10551057
Stephen IX (X)Lorraine10571058
Nicholas IIBurgundy10591061
Alexander IIMilan10611073
St. Gregory VIITuscany10731085
Bl. Victor IIIBenevento10861087
Bl. Urban IIFrance10881099
Paschal IIRavenna10991118
Gelasius IIGaeta11181119
Callistus IIBurgundy11191124
Honorius IIFlagnano11241130
Innocent IIRome11301143
Celestine IICitt di Castello11431144
Lucius IIBologna11441145
Bl. Eugene IIIPisa11451153
Anastasius IVRome11531154
Adrian IVEngland11541159
Alexander IIISiena11591181
Lucius IIILucca11811185
Urban IIIMilan11851187
Gregory VIIIBenevento11871187
Clement IIIRome11871191
Celestine IIIRome11911198
Innocent IIIAnagni11981216
Honorius IIIRome12161227
Gregory IXAnagni12271241
Celestine IVMilan12411241
Innocent IVGenoa12431254
Alexander IVAnagni12541261
Urban IVTroyes12611264
Clement IVFrance12651268
Bl. Gregory XPiacenza12711276
Bl. Innocent VSavoy12761276
Adrian VGenoa12761276
John XXI7Portugal12761277
Nicholas IIIRome12771280
Martin IV8France12811285
Honorius IVRome12851287
Nicholas IVAscoli12881292
St. Celestine VIsernia12941294
Boniface VIIIAnagni12941303
Bl. Benedict XITreviso13031304
Clement VFrance13051314
John XXIICahors13161334
Benedict XIIFrance13341342
Clement VIFrance13421352
Innocent VIFrance13521362
Bl. Urban VFrance13621370
Gregory XIFrance13701378
Urban VINaples13781389
Boniface IXNaples13891404
Innocent VIISulmona14041406
Gregory XIIVenice14061415
Martin VRome14171431
Eugene IVVenice14311447
Nicholas VSarzana14471455
Callistus IIIJativa14551458
Pius IISiena14581464
Paul IIVenice14641471
Sixtus IVSavona14711484
Innocent VIIIGenoa14841492
Alexander VIJativa14921503
Pius IIISiena15031503
Julius IISavona15031513
Leo XFlorence15131521
Adrian VIUtrecht15221523
Clement VIIFlorence15231534
Paul IIIRome15341549
Julius IIIRome15501555
Marcellus IIMontepulciano15551555
Paul IVNaples15551559
Pius IVMilan15591565
St. Pius VBosco15661572
Gregory XIIIBologna15721585
Sixtus VGrottammare15851590
Urban VIIRome15901590
Gregory XIVCremona15901591
Innocent IXBologna15911591
Clement VIIIFlorence15921605
Leo XIFlorence16051605
Paul VRome16051621
Gregory XVBologna16211623
Urban VIIIFlorence16231644
Innocent XRome16441655
Alexander VIISiena16551667
Clement IXPistoia16671669
Clement XRome16701676
Bl. Innocent XIComo16761689
Alexander VIIIVenice16891691
Innocent XIISpinazzola16911700
Clement XIUrbino17001721
Innocent XIIIRome17211724
Benedict XIIIGravina17241730
Clement XIIFlorence17301740
Benedict XIVBologna17401758
Clement XIIIVenice17581769
Clement XIVRimini17691774
Pius VICesena17751799
Pius VIICesena18001823
Leo XIIGenga18231829
Pius VIIICingoli18291830
Gregory XVIBelluno18311846
Pius IXSenegallia18461878
Leo XIIICarpineto18781903
St. Pius XRiese19031914
Benedict XVGenoa19141922
Pius XIDesio19221939
Pius XIIRome19391958
John XXIIISotto il Monte19581963
Paul VIConcesio19631978
John Paul IForno di Canale19781978
John Paul IIWadowice, Poland19782005
Benedict XVIMarktl Am Inn, Germany20052013
Francis IBuenos Aires, Argentina2013
1. Or 310.
2. He should be called Felix II, and his successors of the same name should be numbered accordingly. The discrepancy was caused by the erroneous insertion in some lists of the name of St. Felix of Rome, Martyr.
3. He was elected during the exile of St. Martin I, who endorsed him as pope.
4. After St. Zachary died, a Roman priest named Stephen was elected but died before his consecration as bishop of Rome. His name is not included in all lists for this reason. In view of this historical confusion, the National Catholic Almanac lists the true Stephen II as Stephen II (III), the true Stephen III as Stephen III (IV), etc.
5. Confusion exists concerning the legitimacy of claims. If the deposition of John was invalid, Leo was an antipope until after the end of Benedict's reign. If the deposition of John was valid, Leo was the legitimate pope and Benedict an antipope.
6. If the triple removal of Benedict IX was not valid, Sylvester III, Gregory VI, and Clement II were antipopes.
7. Elimination was made of the name of John XX in an effort to rectify the numerical designation of popes named John. The error dates back to the time of John XV.
8. The names of Marinus I and Marinus II were construed as Martin. In view of these two pontificates and the earlier reign of St. Martin I, this pontiff was called Martin IV.
Source: National Catholic Almanac, from Annuarto Pontificio.

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