Firsts in U.S. Cities

Here is information about famous firsts in U.S. cities - including the first aquarium, computer, daily newspaper, hospital, lighthouse, and more. All entries include date and location.

Famous first City Date
Ambulance service Cincinnati, Ohio 1865
Aquarium New York, N.Y. Dec. 10, 1896
Automobile service station Pittsburgh, Pa. Dec. 1, 1913
Baseball stadium Pittsburgh, Pa. June 30, 1909
Cathedral, Roman Catholic Baltimore, Md. Built 1806-1821
Commercial radio station Pittsburgh, Pa. Nov. 2, 1920
Computer Philadelphia, Pa. 1946
Daily newspaper Philadelphia, Pa. Sept. 21, 1784
Electric company New York, N.Y. Oct. 15, 1878
Elevator, safety New York, N.Y. 1852
Ferris wheel Chicago, Ill. June 1893
Hospital Philadelphia, Pa. Feb. 11, 1752
Lighthouse Boston, Mass. 1716
Motion picture theater Los Angeles, Calif. April 2, 1902
Opera house New Orleans, La. 1859
Parking meter Oklahoma City, Okla. July 16, 1935
Public museum Charleston, S.C. Jan. 12, 1773
Public TV station Houston, Tex. May 25, 1953
Railroad station Baltimore, Md. May 1830
Railway, elevated Chicago, Ill. 1892
Revolving restaurant Seattle, Wash. May 22, 1961
Skyscraper Chicago, Ill. 1885
Subway Boston, Mass. Sept. 1, 1897
Traffic light Cleveland, Ohio Aug. 5, 1914
Zoological garden Philadelphia, Pa. July 1, 1874

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